What is EEOS?

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What is EEOS?

The European “Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme” (EEOS) is a European Directive that places obligations on Energy Suppliers in Ireland to achieve specific annual energy savings targets across the residential and commercial sectors.

Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive obliges Ireland to deliver savings of 1.5% of annual energy sales to final customers.

Through the EEOS, Energy Suppliers and their Partners (i.e. EITAS) will work collaboratively with homeowners and business owners to identify potential savings.

As a contracted Credit partner of Energy Suppliers, EITAS (via their Contractor network) can offer financial support to make homes and businesses more energy efficient. For every unit of energy saved through these projects, the Energy Supplier will achieve energy credits towards their overall targets. This in turn will help Ireland to reach its national and European energy saving targets. 

By becoming an Approved EITAS Contractor, you will be in a position to offer financial discounts to homeowners and businesses across a wide range of energy efficiency measures.  

For more information on becoming an Approved EITAS Contractor, please complete the details below and our Credit Management team will be in contact to discuss further:


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    Just a quick reminder that the current phase of the Energy Credit Scheme will end on 31st December 2020.

    Can all contractors please ensure that the current 2020 Energy Credit Forms are submitted ASAP – ideally by Sunday 20th December 2020 which will allow us to upload the Credits before year-end as the current 2020 Credits Forms will not be applicable in 2021.

    We will circulate the details of the 2021 Scheme as soon as they become available.

    Thank you,
    EITAS Team