How do Energy Credits work?

What are Energy Credits?

As an approved EITAS Contractor, you can offer homeowners a discount off the cost of their energy upgrade works – in exchange for a signed Energy Credit Waiver that transfers the ownership of the Energy Credits to EITAS and their partner organisations. The agreed value of the Energy Credits will then be paid directly to you.

The end to end process is as follows:

  1. Contact EITAS and sign up as an Approved EITAS Contractor:
  2. EITAS provides you with access to a Web Portal and App to manage your Energy Credits;
  3. When quoting works to a homeowner – discount the value of Credits (for each Measure completed) off the total value of the works.
  4. Get the homeowner to sign the EITAS Energy Credit Waiver.
  5. Submit the job to EITAS via the Portal or App
  6. EITAS will process payment to you.

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