Energy Credits

Energy Credits

By becoming an approved EITAS Contractor, you can offer homeowner discounts on all SEAI qualifying measures – for example:

Eligible measures include:


·        High Efficiency Oil/Gas boiler with Zoned Heating Controls

·         Entry Level Heating Controls

·         Fully Zoned Heating Controls

·         Solar Water Heating

·         Heat Pump Installation

·         Solid Fuel Stoves

·         High Heat Retention Cylinder

·         Powerflushing of System & Installation of Magnetic Filter

·         Roof Insulation

·         External Insulation

·         Cavity Insulation

·         Floor Insulation

Window and external door replacement

Commercial Credits

EITAS works with businesses across all sectors to identify and design bespoke energy savings solutions for their business.  

Our team of Consultants will then liaise with SEAI to identify the most appropriate support projects available and project management all aspects of the project to deliver the agreed energy savings.

Credit Management Made Easy!

To manage the Energy Credit Process EITAS has developed a bespoke web-based Energy Credit Management Portal and a mobile phone App.  This system allows each Contractor to submit jobs in realtime and monitor the progress of all submitted jobs via their own secure log-in.

This user-friendly system provides each Contractor with full visibility and transparency on all jobs – allowing them to stay on top of the Energy Credits submitted.

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Just a quick reminder that the current phase of the Energy Credit Scheme will end on 31st December 2020.

Can all contractors please ensure that the current 2020 Energy Credit Forms are submitted ASAP – ideally by Sunday 20th December 2020 which will allow us to upload the Credits before year-end as the current 2020 Credits Forms will not be applicable in 2021.

We will circulate the details of the 2021 Scheme as soon as they become available.

Thank you,