EITAS Deep Retrofit Programme

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EITAS Deep Retrofit Programme

EITAS has fully recognised the need for momentum in the promotion of “Deep Retrofit” to help improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs of our existing housing stock. Deep Retrofitting involves a substantial upgrade of a building (as opposed to one-off/individual measures) so that it moves closer to zero energy requirements or a significant reduction in the energy required within a building. Deep retrofitting looks at the entire building and a bespoke solution is designed for each house which considers all aspects such as building fabric, air tightness, ventilation and renewable energy sources.

EITAS recognises that most energy retrofit contractors specialise in a limited number of measures and may only be in a position to complete a single aspect of any Deep Retrofit solution. To help promote the Deep Retrofit initiative, EITAS has launched the Deep Retrofit Framework as means of assisting Approved Contractors in developing new work streams/opportunities, improving knowledge and awareness of Deep Retrofit principles/practices and facilitating increased activity within the Deep Retrofit sector.


The EITAS Deep Retrofit Framework is a team of design, management and installation professionals focused upon delivering all aspects of the Deep Retrofit Project – providing a cost effective solution that maximises SEAI Grant and Energy Credit support.

Our team of expert designers will develop a bespoke solution for each project – modelling the precise project requirements based upon detailed pre-works surveys of each property.

Upon project approval EITAS utilises teams of accredited and approved delivery professionals from within the EITAS Framework to deliver all works to the agreed specifications. At all times EITAS will manage the project to ensure full compliance and to access the SEAI Grants and Energy Credits available.

 Typical works will include:

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