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Energy Improvement Training and Auditing Services (EITAS Ltd) is one of Ireland’s leading providers of Energy Credit solutions as part of the European Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS). EITAS has developed robust systems and processes to deliver an end-to-end solution that ensures delivery of valid and approved energy credits to the Primary Energy Supplier/Utility. The EITAS delivery structure includes:
  • A Management Team with a wealth of experience in delivery and management of SEAI supported projects and energy credit management within the EEOS;
  • Best in class software designed specifically for Energy Credit Management and in full compliance with the SEAI Quality Assurance and Disciplinary (QADP) System;
  • A back-office support team with extensive experience in managing all communications with the Primary Energy Supplier and for liaising between homeowners and Contractors;
  • A team of highly experienced and competent Quality Assurance Officers with many years’ experience in auditing works to the SEAI specification;
  • Processes of continuous improvement that ensure all “Approved” members are fully up to date and compliant with all specifications and legislation relevant to the EEOS;
  • A delivery solution that is flexible and adaptable and will work in partnership with Credit Partners to deliver a service that meets the changing needs of the EEOS Scheme.

Quality Assurance and Accreditations

EITAS is Ireland’s only specialised Energy Credit organisation who are accredited to ISO9001, 14001 and 18001.  All systems and processes have been extensively audited and comply fully with SEAI requirements.

Approved Contractors

EITAS has developed a network of Approved Contractors who deliver energy credits within the Scheme. Significantly, within this network, EITAS has developed a wide variety of Contractor types thereby providing the full spectrum of Credit qualifying measures e.g. Boiler and Controls (including Cylinder), Insulation (attic, cavity, internal, external and floor), Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal, Windows and Doors, etc.  EITAS encourages involvement of all Contractor types to provide an end to end solution for all energy upgrade measures.
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