How do Energy Credits work?

What are Energy Credits? As an approved EITAS Contractor, you can offer homeowners a discount off the cost of their energy upgrade works – in exchange for a signed Energy…

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Eitas Project Management

EITAS offers an end to end Project Management service for a wide range of Clients, including: Local Authorities Housing Associations Landlords Businesses Architects The EITAS team will manage all aspects…

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Eitas Deep Retrofit Programme

EITAS has fully recognised the need for momentum in the promotion of “Deep Retrofit” to help improve energy efficiency and reduce running costs of our existing housing stock. Deep Retrofitting…

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What is EEOS?

What is EEOS? The European “Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme” (EEOS) is a European Directive that places obligations on Energy Suppliers in Ireland to achieve specific annual energy savings targets across the…


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